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"Leadership no longer comes from above or outside or whoever. It creates more and more confusion. Now it's you!"



Pedagogue, expert in self-determined education and democratic education, school founder, stress management (kinesiological and body therapy procedures).

I worked for almost 10 years as a pedagogue at the Kinderhaus Schwabing e. V. During these, years, I experienced first hand how children are driven by their natural curiosity. In my training as a Three In One Concepts Consultant Facilitator I learned a lot about the causes for stress and gained deeper insights into what prevents us humans from living out our abilities and thus developing our full potential. For several years I ran a practice in Munich for school stress management, conflict resolution, and potential development. I attended a large number of advanced training courses and seminars on body-therapeutic procedures.

When I first came into contact with Sudbury Schools, I realized that I wanted to become actively involved in promoting this idea and the values that this type of school stands for.

An educational excursion to eleven different democratic schools worldwide (mostly Sudbury schools) has strengthened me in this path. By immersing myself in a practical environment, I gained real-life access and a realistic view of all the challenges, difficulties, opportunities and successes. In summary, I can say that the trip has deepened my trust in consistently granting young people rights of self-determination and co-determination. In the end, the excursion was a journey towards greater freedom, responsibility, trust and self-development in my own life.

During my nine years of volunteer work as a founding member of a Sudbury School in Bavaria, I lectured about Sudbury Schools and supported the democratic education movement in many different ways. Sudbury School Ammersee opened in September 2014. From the beginning of the school opening I worked with heart and soul as a staff member at this school. I greatly enjoyed experiencing the challenging structure of the school and the lively everyday school life. In an unlaw decision—in the school operator’s opinion—the government of Upper Bavaria closed the school starting in the 2016 school year. (Further information).

At present,  I am leading a forest kindergarten in Dießen, continue to lobby for the reopening of the Sudbury School Ammersee as a board member of Sudbury München e.V., and work on making an impact with a range of offers. (See my offers)
I want to put all my experience to use towards enriching and supporting changes in the educational sector and to help foster profound change processes.


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