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Coaching portrait


Do you want beautiful pictures of yourself? For a flyer, your website, for posts, as a gift or just for yourself? Pictures, where your essence can show itself and you can be seen / felt.  


Do you fancy an extraordinary photo session, a combination of portrait photography and individual coaching? What makes you shine What is your vision Where is your next step going?


Curious? Call me, I'm looking forward to our time together, at a place of your choice.


(Munich area, occasionally I'm on the road in Germany) 

Coaching website

Would you like to create your own website and
you need support in the whole process
to be visible in the technical implementation and
in the design?
True to the motto, help me do it myself.
Arrange a non-binding introductory meeting
and we look specifically at what you need and how me
can support you.
My hobby, my skills and talents combined

Even as a young girl, I wanted to be a photographer. I never did a classical apprenticeship. I have been taking photos for half my life now. At events, weddings, congresses, on my trip to Sudbury Schools worldwide, at my work with young people, at parties, my friends and now also for customers. I have always loved my hobby and know that besides the ability to feel the essence of people, it is a talent that I have. It was noticeable in my life that my photos like to appear for profile photos, in house corridors, on thank you cards, for post, on flyers, on websites, simply because a lot of people see the photos I have taken of them, found it good.  


In addition to my overwhelming commitment and my enthusiasm for getting involved in an educational change, I also combine my skills, talents and passions with this offer and I am happy if you enjoy beautiful photos of yourself.  

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