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Accompanying self-determined education 

A way into your own freedom

Individual coaching and stress management
Individual support in change processes  

Would you like to go new ways, turn your back on structures of oppression, coercion, stereotyped thinking and pressure to perform?
Is it a concern of your child, your children and / or young people with whom you work, self-determined education?  to enable them and to accompany them respectfully and at eye level in their development and educational processes?
Are you ready for your own profound change process and for that to rethink and redesign education?

I will accompany you in releasing yourself from obstructive and learned conditioning, ideas and emotional blockages and in transforming deep-seated fears. I look forward to supporting you in integrating more self-determination, personal responsibility, trust and self-development into your life. This, in turn, is the prerequisite for accompanying young people so that they can find and follow their very own individual path.  

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"What the world needs more than anything right now is that each of us become familiar with our essence, enter into an intimate relationship with ourselves and follow our own destiny. This is the greatest gift that each of us has for a world who needs all the support they can get. "


Get to know me!

One of the most important points in a change process is your trust in the coach and mentor and the mutual cooperation. You can find out more about me here: Link

Do not hesitate to feel completely  to register for an introductory meeting without obligation. La then ss choose your guts.  

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