Stress management/individual sessions

Stress management - coping with school stress
Individual support in change processes
for students, parents, educators, pedagogues and teachers
(individual sessions including kinesiological and body therapy procedures))
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Often, deep-seated fears and conditioning prevent us from living our abilities and our potential to dare to do new things. Instead of living naturally and freely, we are bound by invisible ropes. With my offer I help people to break away from these ropes, hindering beliefs and emotional blockages and to come to terms with themselves.

My work is an effective way to support children, young people and adults in their everyday requirements, to strengthen personal skills, to dare new things and to accompany profound change processes.


Individual sessions for students

  • Reducing fears, school and test anxiety

  • Help with overload and performance pressur

  • Help in dealing with mobbing

  • Dissolution of learning blockages

  • Assistance for dyslexia, dyscalculia and ADHS/ADS

  • Strengthening self-esteem, confidence, personal responsibility and self-confidence

  • Help with developing potential

Individual sessions for parents


  • Stress reduction and assistance with school problems of one’s own children

  • Support for family conflicts (stressful parent-child relationship, couple conflicts, etc. )

  • Help with reducing fears and strengthening trust in one's own child

  • Resolution and remedy of own issues

Individual sessions for educationalists/educators and teachers

  • Conflict resolution with students, colleagues, parents

  • Help with stress symptoms and burn-out

  • Fear reduction - (support for implementing change processes)

  • Help with giving children and students more self-determination and with strengthening personal responsibility by identifying and resolving their own issues

Children and teenagers up to 14 years: 65 €
Teenagers 14 -18 years: 75 €
Adults: 110 €

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Location: Former Sudbury School Ammersee, Hauptstrasse 18, Ludenhausen,  Germany

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