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Ethical attitude

The company Education in Transition, which was founded by Monika Diop-Wernz, is independent of parties and denominations and, with its ethical attitude, stands for diversity, freedom of expression, pluralism and inclusion. Forms of discrimination will not be tolerated. In particular, nobody is arbitrarily discriminated against in the offers because of their species, their gender, their ethnic origin, their mental or physical abilities, their sexual orientation, their age, their socio-economic affiliation, their appearance, their beliefs, or their religious or political views or preferred.

Education in Transition does not tolerate violence or racist ideas.  

The aim is to enrich a democratic social system with the educational approach of self-determined and democratic education, while Monika Diop-Wernz advocates lived democracy and democratic values, equal opportunities, assumption of responsibility for oneself and the community, as well as an education geared towards sustainability. The aim of Education in Transition is to initiate and support a paradigm shift and actual change in values in the education system. Education in Transition advocates the right to freedom of education.

In summary, the aim and effect is that individuals in supportive communities can develop their potential and, in cooperation, shape positive change for the world.  

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