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Monika Diop-Wernz 
Expert in self-determined education, democratic education and development of potential, former school founder, stress management, kinesiologist, pedagogue, Wailea coaching training (leadership training, learning method according to Martin Sage and Sonja Becker)

I have been committed to self-determined and democratic education for over 20 years and have immersed myself deeply into the subject.  Through years of practical and international experience, I know challenges, differences and opportunities. Diverse training and further education and the intensive experience of giving young people self-determined education strengthened me on my way. I experienced my own profound inner process of change towards more freedom, personal responsibility and the development of potential in my life.

I would like to pass all of this on in this annual training session. Together with a team of experts at my side, I create a space for development and experience for your own inner process of change and empower you to competently accompany young people in finding and going their own way.

I'm happy for you!

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