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Legal information about my offer

My aids, which also include body therapy and kinesiological procedures, do not constitute medicine and are not a substitute for medical or psychotherapeutic treatments. They are to be understood as health and life advice, serve to reduce stress and not to treat and cure illnesses. In the case of health problems or illnesses, medical or psychotherapeutic treatment, i.e. the help of a doctor, alternative practitioner or psychotherapist, should be sought.

While the accompanying kinesiology, in the opinion of a large number of scientists, holistic doctors, alternative practitioners and psychotherapists as a supplement or support to medical or psychotherapeutic treatment can contribute to the alleviation of health complaints or stress, its effectiveness has not been proven by reliable scientific findings.

The sessions are solely for stress management.

I can only hold an individual session if the client signs consent with the following content:

I understand that Monika Diop-Wernz, as a consultant and Consultant Facilitator, is not a healer, medic or doctor and will not make any diagnoses and / or write prescriptions or treat specific illnesses. Biofeedback from the body (light muscle testing) is used for the purpose of identifying and balancing energy blockages.

I understand that this session is for stress management and education, and not a therapy session. The responsibility for the processes set in motion and for the success of the meeting rests solely with me.

If you have any questions in this regard, please contact me before a meeting .

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