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MBOLLO - The Power of Team Work
A project to strengthen cooperation, respect, and community
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For thousands of years rhythm has been used in many cultures to unite people and strengthen communities.

​With this project we would like to invite children, young people and teachers / carers on a journey of discovery. A journey to their dormant abilities, to enjoy rhythmic play, to enjoy their own voice and to have fun making music together. The focus is on the encounter. Encounter of different cultures, encounter of the participants with one another, encounter with oneself. Recognize one's own uniqueness and that of others and - experience solidarity.


Project structure  

The project "Mbollo - The power of teamwork" was developed for schools and institutions for children and young people, but also for various events and can be carried out with children and young people from 6 to 18 years or older. Depending on the age, it takes 1.5 to 3 hours. A regular continuation and deepening of the project over a certain period of time is possible and sensible.  



Project content

Drumming, singing together, talking, playing the kora (West African harp instrument) and perception exercises form varied units. 

Rhythmus is the basis of our life. There is an original sense of rhythm slumbering in all of us. With the help of the instrument drum (Djembe and DunDun) skills are awakened and the power of the interplay can of course be experienced.

Project support

Alassane Diop quickly transforms a group into a powerful drum orchestra. 

He draws on years of experience in working with groups of different ages. His ability lies in infecting people with his authenticity, joie de vivre and love for music and rhythmically sweeping them away.

Monika Diop-Wernz leaves room for human encounters. It will set impulses with elements from the field of conflict and stress management. Perception exercises will help each individual to recognize himself as a valuable part of a group and to experience a positive sense of community. The magical sound of the kora, a West African harp instrument, touches the heart and promotes presence.  A portrait collage that is created during the project can support the integration of what has been experienced in everyday life. 

​​ Project presentation by the BLLV: Link,  Detailed project information: For school classes / project days  PDF  ,  For teams and groups PDF        


Jetzt unverbindlich Anfragen



Mbollo in der Mittelschule Simmernstraße 


Unsere Klasse besteht aus 16 Schülern zwischen 12 und 15 Jahren. Wir stammen aus 11 Ländern aus drei Kontinenten und sprechen zusammen 13 verschiedene Sprachen. Manche können schon gut Deutsch, andere lernen es erst seit kurzem. Doch an diesem Nachmittag gibt es nur eine Sprache: die Sprache der Musik. Wir tauchen ein in ein Bad aus Rhythmus und Freude. Ein Gefühl von Zugehörigkeit und Zusammenhalt entsteht. Dabei lernen wir, dass es darauf ankommt, einander zuzuhören und mit Respekt zu begegnen. Wenn jeder die Einzigartigkeit der anderen erkennt und schätzt, dann kann die Gemeinschaft den Einzelnen tragen.

Danke liebes Mbollo-Team für diese wunderbare, wertvolle Erfahrung!!!                     Jennifer M (Lehrerin)

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