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Monika Diop-Wernz, founder Education in Transition, former school founder, pedagogue, Three In One Concepts Facilitator, speaker, currently Leadership Training Wailea (coaching training / learning method Martin Sage and Sonja Becker)

Monika Diop-Wernz has 20 years of experience in self-determined and democratic education. She is co-founder of the Sudbury School Ammersee, has toured Sudbury schools and democratic schools around the world and has many years of practical experience in helping young people to develop freely. Already in 2010 she had the vision to develop trainings and further education for learning guides / employees. Today she works with her task and thus also with her own inner process of change that has lasted for decades. During the entire nine months, she will accompany the participants to delve deeply into the topic, to find and walk their own path and to experience themselves in a new way within a community. It creates a space for experience and development not only to rethink and redesign education, but also for an inner process of change, which in turn is the basis for providing young people with self-determined education. 



Peter Gray, Ph.D. Research Professor at Boston College and author of "Learn Liberated". He has conducted and published research in comparative, evolutionary, developmental, and educational psychology. 
His current research and writings focus primarily on the natural ways children learn, the experiences of people who have embarked on an educational path, and the lifelong value of play.
He is president of the nonprofit
  Alliance for Self-Directed Education , also founding member of the non-profit organization  Let grow  and blogs on Psychology Today .

Mother Nature pedagogy

In addition to his scientifically sound knowledge, his contribution to training will primarily be to develop deeper trust in the path of self-determined education and to transform fears


Je'anna L Clements is an expert in the field of self-determined education. Also author and founding member of Riverstone Village, Africa's first Sudbury community. She writes articles and books and supports the international movement in a variety of ways. 

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