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Departure into the new!

impulses and inspirations
for change

Are you looking for an experienced speaker or interview partner who clearly, lively and authentically advocates a fundamental change in values in our education systems?  

After more than 150 lectures and interviews I know:

Through all of my wealth of experience and with my enthusiasm, I infect people, inspire, encourage, wake up and above all: move! 


Lectures, panel discussions, podcasts, interviews, educational events 

As you can see, the current school system has had its day. A higher, faster, further, better leads us to a dead end. Fighting symptoms and reforms don't really get us any further.

What they are really interested in is a transformation and a fundamental change. With your offer / event / event / advanced training / project / institute /

Broadcasters / Congress ... make a valuable contribution to this!  

I am passionately happy to contribute with my expert knowledge, to inspire,  awaken longings, destroy ideas that are no longer human, strengthen trust in young people and encourage them to go new ways.  



Podcast: Education with a difference:  link


Podcast with Max Sauber:  link


Enlightened Heart Podcast:  link


Podcast Clear Vision:  link

Podcast Effect: Coming soon:  link

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Onlinekongress von Marlene Honegger: Link 

 Onlinekongress mit Familypassioniers: Link 

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