Why new learning locations?

Mankind is at a crossroads. We face countless major challenges worldwide. We can no longer afford to go down the road of competition, dominance and racism. We are challenged to free ourselves from thought and behavioral patterns that express themselves in „higher, faster, further, better“. More than ever, it is necessary to focus on values such as cooperation, respect, tolerance, self-determination, personal responsibility,

diversity, respect for our environment, love and trust, and to act accordingly.

If we want to live in a world in which individuals cooperate with each other,

respect each other, and (can) act in a self-determined and responsible manner,

we also need educational paths that are shaped by these values.

Family life is essentially shaped by the family, but institutions such as child care,
kindergarten, after-school care, school and university have a great influence on

the development of young people and on the development of our society.
The time is ripe for a profound change in our education system and for creating

new places to live and learn!
Many different concepts, ideas, pedagogical approaches and alternative school

forms can be a valuable inspiration for this. So do Sudbury schools worldwide.

The basic concept of the Sudbury Philosophy not only helps to rethink schooling,

but can also foster changes in day care facilities, universities, at home in the family, and in home- and unschooling. Sudbury Schools inspire and support confidence in granting young people self-determination and participation rights and are an example of democracy in action.


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