Why new learning locations?

The current school system destroys and suppresses potential, individual skills, curiosity and motivation, not necessarily deliberately, but systematically. Pupils, teachers and parents try to withstand the demands, to function, to give their best and are trapped in the hamster wheel. Young people are made into objects that need to be shaped. Parents of school refusal are threatened with withdrawal of custody. The alternative

The educational movement in Bavaria and all over Germany is putting extreme hurdles in the way, initiatives are systematically slowed down, flattened or even nipped in the bud.


We no longer have time to watch how curiosity, learning / joie de vivre

and creativity is systematically destroyed. We can no longer feel at the mercy of an educational system that relies on power and

Control is built on rather than trust and fear taking the lead. A higher, faster, further, better leads us to a dead end.

REcht frei zu bilden .jpg

This outdated and, in some areas, disease-causing education system requires transformation and a fundamental redesign.


The time has come for the right to freedom of education and the abolition of compulsory education to finally prevail, so that young people can decide for themselves where to spend their time and have the opportunity to educate themselves freely.

School is allowed to redesign itself. Ideas of educational landscapes, communities, free learning locations and workshops ... could arise. There is a need for places to live and learn where self-determined education and democracy can be experienced and lived in depth right from the start.


A reflection, redefinition or transformation becomes significant for the change process

of terms such as education, learning, school. The perception of people as a subject and not as an object (which has to be shaped) is essential, as is the realization that a fulfilled life is only possible when people can express and develop their curiosity, individual needs, interests and potential . For self-development, people need supportive communities in which they feel safe, seen, serious and accepted.


Many different ideas, pedagogical schools of thought and alternative school types can be a valuable inspiration for this. So do the Sudbury schools around the world. The basic attitude of the Sudbury philosophy can not only help to rethink education in a completely new and different way, but can also offer valuable impulses in times of change. Sudbury Schools strengthen the confidence that young people are granted self-determination and participation rights and are an example of living democracy.


Thinking about education in a new and more humane way is crucial, but not enough on its own. In addition to theoretical knowledge and valuable insights, the lived relationship, the inner attitude and what the adult has internalized and integrated for himself is ultimately essential for self-determined education and democratic education to succeed. In addition to internal processes of change now is the time to courageously stand up to set limits, to create synergies and be active together. A change will not come through decisions from "above", through politics, but from the grassroots, from "below", through each and every one of us and in cooperation!


In the form of picture presentations, workshops, seminars, projects and individual support offers, I invite you to help shape change with me.




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