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Educator in transition

The Change begins in us

Would you like to give young people self-determined education and accompany and support them respectfully, non-directly and on an equal footing in their developments and educational processes?

Are you ready to embark on a profound process of change towards more freedom, self-determination, personal responsibility and the development of potential in your life?

This one day workshop is aimed at all educational converters, learning guides, pedagogues, educators, teachers, school founders and people who want to strengthen their trust in self-determined education and who want to grant children and young people self-determination and participation rights. It is aimed at everyone who would like to accompany and support young people respectfully, non-directly and at eye level in their developments and educational processes. It invites everyone who has recognized that a profound change in values ​​in our education systems is urgently needed and who are willing and open to create something new.


For the success of self-determined education, the basic attitude - that people have the right to educate themselves freely - is a prerequisite. The perception of the human being as a subject and not as an object (which must be shaped) is essential and a reflection and redefinition of concepts such as e.g. education, learning and school is important.


In addition to theoretical knowledge and valuable insights, the lived relationship, the inner attitude and what the adult has internalized and integrated for himself are ultimately essential. We can only grant children and young people as much freedom as we are internally free. We succeed in setting clear boundaries when we feel and know our own limits. We can respect, see and appreciate others in their otherness and uniqueness if we live this for and with ourselves.


It is not about making higher demands on us adults. We are and will remain human, vulnerable, and constant learners. It is about honest self-reflection, the ability to empathize, the healing of your own inner child, about personal responsibility and, in essence, about arriving at ourselves.

This workshop creates awareness for the success of self-determined education. Above all, however, it enables exchange and gives space to free oneself from the shackles of conditioning, obstructive convictions and behavioural patterns from one's own upbringing and schooling, to face fears and to transform them.


Ultimately, the workshop is an impulse and process for more trust, self-determination, freedom and personal responsibility in one's own life.


The change begins in us!

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