Start-up workshops - Coaching during the founding process

Are you interested in founding a new school/place of learning. I will gladly assist and support you in the following:

 - Focus and concept clarity for starting the founding process. What type of school/institution?  
  (e.g., Sudbury School, democratic school, etc.), Considerations, necessary steps to be taken.

 - Keynotes, lectures, and discussion sessions for an information event/parent conference.

 - Coaching and support during the founding process. (Concept development and clarification, public authorities, group   

  processes, work with parents, school start)

 - Your school/place of learning/institution is in the middle of its development phase. I offer support for all the diverse  

  challenges that everyday life presents (development of the school culture, staff meetings, concept clarification, work with 


 - You would like to finance new schools/Learning placed? For this you need professional assistance for the development 


Founding teams follow their very own paths. I aspire to enrich the process with my experience, to give impulses, to answer open questions together, to create an inspiring and stimulating exchange of ideas, and to help build confidence and trust in granting young people self-determination and co-determination rights.

Founding workshop for founders and founding initiatives at Sudbury Schule Ammersee on March 27th / March 28th, 2021 Registration and further information: Link

Individual coaching and coaching packages

I will accompany you or you as a team on a selective and individual basis in your clarification and implementation process in the form of individual coaching or coaching packages (10 sessions)



A weekend full of power, wisdom, concrete directions and a sudden vision of the future.  Thanks very much! (Iris K.)    


Thank you very much for your inspiring, sustainable and moving workshop. I got active straight away. (Rita H.)


After the weekend, I went home feeling very inspired and full of energy, with lots of ideas and full of energy. And with pleasure to take my vision and my life in hand and to shape it. (Ivonne R.)

The workshop was so inspiring. Together with many great people, I could literally feel and grasp my vision. With so much positive energy, it's easy to make your dreams come true. Monika gave me the courage to just go!  (Rita W.)

For me, the workshop was my “GO”, my reassurance that it is time to go other ways and, more importantly, that it is really possible. For that, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

Everyone who wants to find a different path for themselves will be picked up, guided and strengthened by you in their own way. That is incredibly valuable. It is fantastic to benefit from your experience and to get real help. It helps avoid mistakes. I personally feel how much it all works in me now. Already during the workshop and also afterwards. All of this is allowed, invited to break the chains and untie the knots that are still there ... (Rebecca W)

I found the content and the energy awesome! First of all to understand what free learning really means and how this was implemented at the Sudbury School Ammersee. I also found the individual coaching in the group on the 2nd day really great, because I think everyone has found more about themselves and their vision. For me it was to understand that I shouldn't give myself up for a better education for my daughter. What I was still missing on the subject of money and the area of 'breaking down beliefs' also included a sub-item 'how do you price the offer so that you feel valued enough yourself, but still don't become elitist and exclusive'. (Alexandra D.)

That was very inspiring, enriching, admirable, realistic, utopian and worthwhile at the same time. I have gained a lot of impressions and insights, both for myself personally and for our Free School project. I thank you with all my heart. (Viktoria P.)